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About me


...I've been wondering for a while of what should i write here... to encourage you, to convince you. First of all, my photos should do it for me and that is what I hope for most. But maybe it would be also appropriate to write a few words about myself? First of all I should be honest.Honesty is what I value very highly, both in photography and in life. I am not a photographer by education and there will probably be a whole lot of photographers with incomparably bigger professional experience... Yes, I have been taking pictures for a long time now, but I know that I am only at the beginning of this path, because photography is a beautiful, wide field and you can alway be better. Nevertheless I believe that my sensitivity, workshop and personal qualities that I already gained will allow me to perform best... for you, your joy and our mutual satisfaction. So if you feel that you are looking for someone to capture this special moment in your life, f.ex.: being pregnant, being in love, walking with your son in a park, having a big wedding or even having a everyday play with your beloved dog... contact me! :) 

Lukasz Bielawski

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